TEXERE is a collaborative platform which transforms human losses into ever-evolving digital memorial tapestries. TEXERE is a Latin verb which means 'to weave' and it is from this root that words like 'text' and 'textile' emerge, revealing an age-old relationship between storytelling and the patterns and images woven in cloth. Humans have been weaving for 30,000 years for survival and to reflect where we belong in a network of relations.

But sometimes we experience loss and it is hard to know how to relate because we feel alone.

Loss is a normal part of the human experience, yet so often we are urged to forget about it, get over it and move on quickly. We need more rituals and objects to acknowledge our losses so we can live more fully in the present. Through TEXERE, the creation of the digital tapestry will exist as both a new kind of memorial object and visual evidence of the transformational work of grieving which is shared between people. Every TEXERE participant becomes a weaver in collaboration with other weavers worldwide in a new practice of memorial making.

How do I make a Memorial Tapestry?

Pick a loss category which resonates with your own experience. Offer text, image or sound to memorialize your loss. TEXERE will spin your offering into a thread and weave it into a memorial tapestry which people from all over the world have also contributed to in the same loss category.

Anyone can make as many entries as they like. The composition of the memorial tapestry will evolve with every new entry made by anyone on the globe at any time of day. As your relationship to your loss changes over time, so will your entries which will be reflected in the weave of the cloth. We are always transforming in relationship to our losses and TEXERE is a way we can see how we are changing together through tapestry.

How Do I Share The Tapestries I Wove With Others?

Take a screenshot and share the tapestries you wove with others on social media #texere or enjoy on your device as an artwork for display in your home. I believe in my heart that you are a weaver. It has been our loving impulse as human beings to do so for the past 30,000 years. Let's transform our losses into something beautiful. It is a service to ourselves and to each other. Our tapestries will be a gorgeous memorial.

With care,